Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We've been here less than a week and are starting to get the routine down. We're in a "primitive" campsite meaning no hookups. No electric, water, bathrooms, etc. Just like being anchored out on a boat. Run the generator twice a day, charge the batteries, etc. We're totally self-contained. BUT since we are the new camp hosts, the state park service is getting us hooked up with electricity via solar panels.

We decided to this very simply - no car. Just two good bikes which we love. We ride into town everyday (except today was cold and rainy). It's an easy ride along the ocean, cross the railroad tracks and on a bike path all the way to downtown Ventura. Less than 2 miles each way. On our way to a hardware store yesterday we found this great authentic Mexican restaurant on one of the side streets. We're enjoying getting to know the area. For those of you that don't know where Ventura is - it's in the northern end of Southern California between Malibu and Santa Barbara.

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  1. beautiful... We love Ventura. C Street memories are great. Are you north or so. of C street?