Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Happy 2009! Wishing everyone a great year. So how many of you stayed up till midnight??? Not us. We hung with fellow RVers and ate and drank with them. It was cold last night but they had a nice hot fire going. We lasted until 10pm.

Busy day yesterday. Spike and I worked in the kiosk all morning along with another seasoned employee. This place is packed. We had to open the gate for more spots. Even after we closed people were knocking on our door wanting to buy firewood. That's the bad thing about being where we are. There's a big sign in front of our motorhome that says, "Camp Host". But everyone is really nice.

Taking it easy today. It's new years day after all! Think I'll make some split pea soup.

This picture is of Spike riding into town. This is the path we take. Pretty soon he'll be picking up his bike to go over a small wooden bridge then over the tracks and the rest is pretty easy.

Most of you know we're movie buffs. so here's another good movie to see - "The curious case of Benjamin Button". Mom/Dad - go see it! It's really good.

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