Monday, January 5, 2009

Rico's morning report

It should be light enough outside in about 15 minutes for a Monday dawn patrol report. Until are a few pics from yesterday. They were taken throughout the day and reflect various moods and textures. The Overhead broke about every 30 minutes. Although rideable at low tide (3 guys outside) it lacked consistency. There were waves everywhere. The movie "One California Day" repeated itself in real time. Here is also a sequence of 3 shots of the Overhead waking up and beginning to break. The peak I zoomed in on was 8ft. or bigger. It can't break top to bottom with anything smaller. It's still dark out but I can feel and hear waves pounding. r/s


  1. Hey guys, I had no idea that you moved to CA for a while. Bill sent us the address to your blog. Hope you don't mind more readers. It has been beautiful here. I even managed to get down to Tampa ave for a little sun yesterday. (even thought it was actually hotter in the back yard). I have a blog on blogger too. I don't keep up w/ it as much as I should but here is the address.

  2. Oh man, the wave in the 5th pic looks really fun! It'll be flat here all week so I'll be in the gym, not in the water. :(