Friday, January 9, 2009

Rico's morning report

Bark Bark,,Rico here with a little more than the morning report. My mama is going to flip when she sees this photo of her with her idol Gerry Lopez. She will blame it on my pops. HA! Waves are chest to headhigh plus with glassy condtions. 1st surfer of the day just paddled out and caught his 1st wave confirming this report. Yeah..some nice sets rolling in with 3 longboarders out now, Rare here at Emma Woods/Ventura Overhead.


  1. G'Day Mate!
    Where was the photo with Patty & Lopez taken? Was this Venturea or did Patty have an outer-body experience that took her to Bend, Oregon. Perhaps Spike had the outer-body experience and dragged Patty along for the ride.

  2. This picture was taken last summer when we were here at the Surfing Heritage Foundation.