Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome Brianna

We had a busy week. I was in Houston and witnessed the birth of my latest niece, Brianna Rose who weighed less than 6 lbs. She's beautiful and doing great although we had a big scare when the doctor called last Friday at 4pm with very bad results of the baby's blood tests. Her exact words, "take her to the emergency room at TX Children's hospital NOW". My sister and her husband packed up their bags and rushed out the door with 3-day old Brianna while I stayed behind to pick up the two older kids at school. Halfway there (in Houston rush hour traffic) the doctor's office called to say they had made a mistake and had mixed up Brianna's results with another babys that had been in just before her. You can only imagine the roller coaster ride we went through and how grateful we were to hear the good news. And here's a salute to all parents. I got a taste of it last week, taking care of the two older girls - Victoria 9 and Isabella 4. It's a lot of work! But it was so much fun to see them, spoil them and play "nanny" for a week. I also got to see my other niece Aerianna who's almost 8 (see pic). One of the other hi-lights was watching Victoria at her gymnastics competition where she aced it (see pic).

Meanwhile Spike was in Ventura working and taking care of the animals. He too had an exciting week. At the same time that my sister, Sandra was going into labor he was saving a surfer's life. While at work a surfer walked up to the kiosk with a severed artery on the top of his foot. The surfboard fin had sliced it open. All I can say is thank goodness Spike was there. He immediately tied a tourniquet with the surfboard leash, called for help then applied pressure to the wound meanwhile dealing with all the cars and RV's coming in. I'm so proud of how he handled it.

And best of all he got to see one of his oldest and best friends which he hasn't seen in over 20 years - Wayne Faulkner who lives in Port Angeles, WA. He said they just talked for hours and caught up on all their great memories. I'm sure Spike/Robbie will fill you in on it and include a picture in his next post.

And now, we're off to Big Sur. Today is Spike's last day of work here AND it also happens to be his birthday. Happy Birthday my love!


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