Saturday, April 4, 2009

What we've been up to lately

We've upgraded our

in Key Largo

to this:

Just kidding. This is Nancy's house in Camarillo. Great house up on the hill with spectacular views. Great being up in the mountains. Her house has a lot of character furnished with many antiques.

Went garage saling with another camp host and her friends in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Boy, these ladies are professional garage-salers. They get the paper the night before and map it all out. They go every weekend. We went to some high-end houses (one was four houses down from Oprah's) and got some great deals. The Ojai bike ride was amazing. One of the best bike paths out there. We love our bikes - Townies. We ride them around everywhere and we really don't miss our car. But this town is very bike-friendly so that helps.
Last Sunday my computer wireless device broke and it took 3 days to get it fixed. I had to take the bus w/my laptop to the Verizon store. Then went to the library to do my work on their computers.. And of course, I received several leads during this time. A little stressful but I got my work done.

We're leaning towards Big Sur this summer but we also got a call for a state park in Mendocino county (Katie - it's 5 miles no. of Pt. Arena). We also heard of a private RV park in Jackson Hole, WY that pays you to work there. Not just an exchange for free stay like we've been doing. So we're looking into that too.
Happy Birthday to my niece, brother and two cousins who all have a birthday today!

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