Saturday, May 23, 2009


Patty at Point Sur Lighthouse

Spike had to go walk the dog so I think I'll write a little. Andrew Molera State Park is a unique place. It's a hike-in tent campground with lots and lots of trails. So the job is easy and it brings very laidback people. Everyone one is in a good mood and here just to enjoy nature. The rangers are also super nice. We think Spike spotted a mountain lion cub the other day. We've seen deer and bobcats, and....snakes. And many, many different types of birds. Of course nature also brings the unpleasant - ticks. They're abundant and we find them on our clothes and Rico. So before we go inside we do an extensive tick check. Some carry the lyme disease. The other thing that is everywhere is poison oak. I've already had some on my arm and it takes a long time to go away.
The biggest challenge has been the internet coverage. Because of this we're moving to another state park about 5 miles down the road - Pfeiffer Big Sur. It's a much bigger park where they accept RV's as well as tent. It's a nice site right by the river and surrounded by redwood trees. We're afraid though we won't have the tranquility of Molera. Oh well. Can't have it all. I've been walking with our neighbor (another camp host) every morning with our dogs on the "old coast road". We do about 5.4 miles each day. We've ridden our bikes on highway 1 and it isn't as scary as it looks. Since we don't have a car here we're kinda stuck and it would be nice to have a car. So we take the rig into town for grocery shopping and we've taken the bus a couple of times which only runs on the weekend until June.
Gotta run. Nuggie the cat has escaped. This is no place for a cat to be outdoors.

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