Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting into a routine

Spike is in Florida taking care of the house and bringing the car back. We've been at this park for about two weeks and we're just now getting into a little routine. Rico and I are discovering new places to walk. It's a huge park.

My business is picking up (yay!) so I get up at 6am to communicate with the east coast (3 hrs ahead) and Europe (9 hrs ahead). Coffee, work, walk the dog, breakfast, work, walk the dog, lunch, go for a hike or do errands, work, nap, walk the dog, dinner, read or watch a movie, to bed. Yes, I "walk the dog" a lot because I feel bad that he's all cooped up in here. Yesterday I let him run by the river and he had a blast. He loves to drink from the river. And Nugget needs her sun so I let her out too - supervised of course.

The rangers took me and another camp host on an "orientation" this week. They took us to the lighthouse, then we drove south to another park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns and on the way down we stopped on the road and spotted four condors. They are the largest birds in North America with a 9-ft. wingspan and are considered endangered.

The camphost job is pretty easy. All we have to do is ride around in a golf cart and do camp checks twice a day. And there are 5 camp hosts here.

That's about it. No surf report. No pictures. Spike will be back soon. Gotta go feed the kiddies. Nuggie is giving me the evil eye.

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