Saturday, August 15, 2009 Patty

Just read the blog so I need to make a few corrections to what Spike wrote. First I put more than 20 hrs/wk into the yacht charter business - try about 40! (hope my boss is reading this). Second - seldom seen me driving the rig? Well, I guess he's right about that one. I drive on the open highway - like Arizona.

Just got a new mac computer and I'm very overwhelmed right now. I'm driving to Monterey 2/3 times a week to attend the workshops.

There's a place here - some of you may have heard of it called Henry Miller Library. It's not a library. Henry Miller was a writer. They show independent films every Thursday night in their courtyard and at the end of the night we get to rate it. We've seen some very interesting films. This place has a lot to offer. We keep discovering things to do just don't have enough time.

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