Monday, September 28, 2009


The girls from Boatyard Betty's. This may end up being part two of four. We are now in Northern Oregon with a solid 8 ft ground swell out front of our campsite.
View from the Farmer's market
My buddy Wayne Faulkner, Patty and Waynards VW camper.
Downtown Film Festival.
Midnight below the town.

There is a staircase which leads down below the town into an underground row of Pastry and coffee shops.(3rd&5th pics up from bottom) It's just bizzarro when you get down there and folks are listening to live music (of's everywhere) social scene is small and very mellow.
Looking out over the beginning of downtown and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.(2nd pic from bottom)
These folks are not in costume.(last pic) Not that they wake up each and every morning and slip into these clothes but on weekends in summer there is always festivities one one kind or another and then this becomes the norm.

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