Thursday, October 1, 2009


Starting in Venice, California around 1962 / 64 LEE EDWARDS SURFBOARDS was founded in my backyard. Lee (my middle name) and Edward( is Wayne's). Wayne and I both had homemade rickshaw's attached to our bicycles to transport our 10 footers to about a dozen surf spots. Point is, the friendship goes back along way. I had a killer 57 corvette at about 17 years old. For you motorheads it was black with a 327 bored out to 352 and did 107mph in 7 seconds in the quarter mile at Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach, CA. Fast forward to last weekend in Port Townsend, Washington. Wayne shows up at our door and presents me with this working replica of the 1957 vette which he purchased at the garage/museum I mentioned a couple bloga ago. Thanks Cisco..Patty and i will see you in the spring.

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