Sunday, October 9, 2011


The thought of being stranded in the West Texas desert was one of my worst nightmares. It is a vast, hot, barren wasteland and takes 20 to 25 hours (2&1/2 to 3 days) @ 80 MPH to drive from one end to the other. The nightmare happened`~^<*#@M-_-_-F+:&($)==($)=mORe$;& bAD*LiNGo|nto sTResseDays,....which forced us to do some quick and major decisions and some fast $ negotiating which I won't bore you with. Fast forward and we made it to my inlaws ( Ernesto and Empera Cartagena) in Houston at 1 a.m. GOD BLESS THEM for they had a 6 pack of Becks and a bottle of chilled Colombian Rum waiting for us when we arrived.

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