Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Steps Beach has a great lunch wagon. The owner launched it in early November and has been a real success story.

Patty and Brock, the reef at Baby Tres with my Christmas present from Patty. The AW100 Nikon water proof pocket rocket.
1st few hours on Tres Beach. Just trying to wash off the 1st layer of several ...^*4yrs$X~`BS% of #BiReTTz&smoothie W/Zrow sUsHi.
Brock just trying to deal with it all..too many adults..too many desperate surfers!
Animals devouring their youngs desert. Pool Bar's new backyard dining area.
THE CALYPSO BAR AND GRILL. This trio has a clean hard driving drummer. Totally original combining favors of Herbie Mann on jazz flute and sometimes the guitarist flies into a Santana style lead with bongo playing like you've never heard before...these dudes blow the roof off.

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