Friday, November 29, 2013


By Dec. 3rd The bus in the 2nd photo below will be sitting  in the vacant lot pictured in the 1st photo. Pool Bars new venture will have board rentals, surf lessons. T shirts, hats, mugs as well as great tacos. Kind of a one stop watersports eatery focused on expanding a brand name. 

The bus will get a Wavey Gravy, Ken Kesey, Merry Prankster paint job. 

Mario, 2 Tees and My To are growing
 and going strong with business and family.. Mario has weekly water time in the line up at last. A personal and professional success story.

The BLACK EAGLE made a crash landing and has been reborn as  La Copa Llena.

Patty and I found Rico living here 7 years ago.  On my lap is KARL, Justin's alter ego.
I had to share a house with the two of them. That's all I gotta say about that except " WHAT HAPPENS IN RINCON STAYS IN RINCON.

tres beach 20 minutes before sunset.

40 minutes 

d.r's shapimg room below the pool bar

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