Wednesday, January 8, 2014


As of Tuesday morning, it appears the surfers who gambled on France reaped the best rewards, as conditions were clean at Belharra Reef. “But it’s still too early to tell,” says Sharp, who has ignited the quest for the first 100-foot wave to be ridden. “This is the most intense storm I can remember seeing in my 20 years of tracking these things. There was an area bigger than Spain on the Atlantic Ocean with sustained winds of 50 knots. That’s just massive.”

But Sharp, and the surfers who chase waves, know that every single element has to come together for the magic to happen. “In some places it’s pretty clear the swell peaked overnight,” Sharp explains. “In other places the local weather just tore things up, and it was too stormy. But one thing this storm proves is the 100-foot wave is easily possible. All it has to do is match up with the right reef, under the right conditions, during daylight hoursMONDAY and TUESDAY


Portugal. November 2013


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