Monday, March 24, 2014


As the youngest in a group of World War II-era surfers that included John Kelly, Wally Froiseth, and Fran Heath, George Downing was not only in on many of the earliest forays into big wave riding in the 20th century, but also contributed design discoveries that broke the barrier to 20-foot surf and beyond.

 George downing was my hero and still is. I had a poster of him surfing huge castle surf (the biggest surfable wave in waikiki) on my wall at the foot of my my  room at age 12.

George, 2nd from left.
Makaha, 1954. Photo: Walter Hoffman

Keone Downing above with Diamond Head in the background, late 1950's.

Kenoe Following in his fathers footsteps.

Keone won the eddie in 1996.
Castles is located about a third of a mile off the Waikiki shoreline.  That's Diamond Head crater on the right.

Waikiki circa: 1928

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