Thursday, April 13, 2017


This is a paragraph from a story about the OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB.
In it is a description of a poster I had when I was 11 years old. OBVIOUSLY I was wrong concerning the guys on the wave. Downing, Trent nor Gregg were / are goofy foot.
I hadn't seen that poster in 57 years until last week. It's going up for auction soon.

  The surf room was entirely walled in with it’s own door, bed and desk. I spent many hours lying there reading anything surf related (pre SURFER magazine) which consisted of books about Hawaiian history. On the wall, at the foot of the bed I tacked up a Hawaiian travel poster, a painting of George Downing, Buzzy Trent and Ricky Gregg coming down a mammoth Makaha point wave. These guys instantly transformed into my heroes and I vowed that someday I would follow in their footsteps eventually riding a wave like that. At the time … never did I think I would not only live in Hawaii but also ride a wave with George Downing coming down the face in front of me on a big day at Castles in May 1968. 

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