Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poor little Rico

He hasn't been to the beach in a couple of days and today looks doubtful too. Still very wet outside. It's so wet and muddy we made him wear booties. Spike was so embarrassed - everyone was looking and pointing. But it kept his paws clean!

We have been cooped up since we're not going to ride our bikes in the rain. That's the only time I miss having a car. However, we leave tomorrow to go north - Half Moon Bay (where Mark and Tone lived for a while) then Sausalito then to our final destination - Fort Bragg where we're going to a wedding on Feb. 14th. This is in Northern California - FREEZING.

Mark, Tone and Lucas should be in Florida now. They arrived in CA from Australia to visit family before they headed to Florida so it was great to see them - it's been 3 1/2 yrs. They were our neighbors in Ft. Lauderdale about 5/6 years ago. Now they'll only be 3 hours away when we get home. As you saw from the photos - we sat around the fire, roasted hot dogs, listened to great music and caught up.

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  1. Rico looks so cute and Spike def. looks embarrased! Hope you guys have a safe trip up north and get a break in the weather. Geez, enough already! Nice in Fl today and I'm very happy to be warm again.