Thursday, March 26, 2009


We put our bikes on the bus and went up (up being the key word) thru the mountains behind Ventura. 20 miles later we were dropped off in the town of Ojai in the heart of the Ojai Valley. Patty and I have been planning to do this public transport/bike ride for a couple months.
The first thing I noticed was how polite the locals were behind the wheel. 2nd is the variety of building design. One house is a log cabin and the one next door is 192o's art deco then Spanish or Cape Cod. ....3rd was a mother pushing her baby carriage riding a skateboard. The bike ride back to Ventura was what we enjoyed most. We love to travel by bus for many reasons and the combo of transportation was a great way of experiencing culture and visuals.

The last pic is about the middle of the 20 mile bike ride back to Ventura.

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  1. Great pic's, thanks for the tour. Looks like a perfect day for a bike ride. I bet that was really fun!