Thursday, April 2, 2009


I always tear off a half dozen links of T.P to open /raise the seat when using a public bathroom...which is what I did on this occasion. To my pleasent surprise the ingenous owner of this new establishment wanted to save a tree and some cash with a putty knife. It's been a rollacoaster week with spring break kicking in a week ago, a broken air card disabling the computers broadband and back to back swells. I didn't take my camera to work this past week but I sure wish I had. Last Sunday was head to 3 ft over and glass. On Monday it was down to 6ft. on the outter reef at Emma Wood. This is the only pic I took. I was in the water ASAP. Patty and I had a wonderful evening with our dear friend Nancy Sunfield. I know Patty will want to write something about it in a seperate blog and post the one pic I took of her home on the hillsides of Ventura County. Maybe you recall from a previous post that I went to grammer school and Venice High with Nancy.

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