Friday, March 20, 2009


Some shots taken over the past 3 / 4 days shows the beach in front of our rig, a ww11 gun turet installed to protect our shores after a Japanese sub landed a torpedo on Ventura County beaches while cruising within a quarter mile from the shoreline. The local camp hosts (7 of us) were treated to a slide show put together by Charlie, a camp host who did a photo essay of Baja from his ultra light. It's a motorized parachute. He presented it on the grass where our rigs are parked. Check him out at Wave report: it's ben a great run the past 10 days. The outside reef at Emma Wood broke for 3 of the days at 2 to 3ft overhead, C St was as good as I've seen it for length of ride (30 to 40 seconds was the norm all the way to the beach) for longboarders. Today out front as photos show, it's small scale and pretty fun with bigger sets hitting chest high.

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