Sunday, March 22, 2009

wE LiVe HeRe

It's now a 10 minute bike ride from this new location to the Emma Wood state beach kiosk where I work. It was blowing a steady 25 knots yesterday (Sunday) and it took 35 minutes to make that 10 minute run mentioned above. I got calls on the work hotline about a boat capsized with the captain standing on the overturned hull..(it was a stand up paddle board) .. A windsurfer in distress with a blown out sail..(it was a 40ft. sailboat 4 miles offshore with her sails down trying to motor in to a safe harbour, a surfer lost at sea on a big yellow surfboard..(it was a guy on his paddle board taking advantage of the drift which is a strong current running parallel to shore. He was havin a ball paddling at incredable speeds..,..and lastly the baby seal pup stranded ashore. (poor little guy just needed a rest from the heavy surf and strong currents the winds were creating.) All these alerts were called in from people driving 65MPH on HWY 101 except for the seal pup episode. As misguided as they may be, at least people care! About the pics..#3 and #4 were taken from our motorhome and the others taken on the other side of those trees and bushes.

Some shots of the area around our rig.

Windy today with clear skies and a building swell.

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  1. Great Pics bro. Yep looks like less wind and more waves for you later this week. Getcha Some!