Saturday, July 16, 2011


Bruce Reynolds must have been here!
The Surfinista vibe is found within Cafe Mundo.


The Surf Gallery located directly across the street.
We were both feeling a little Bruce Reynolds vibe swirling through Cafe Mundo.......
and this confirmed it!
The stage.
Downstairs seating ... coffee and reading area.
2nd floor dining.

Hanging above our table was this classic.

Patty invisions Diane coming up the stairs with lunch.

Upstairs bar and dining. The lavender box next to the bartender is an old fashioned dumb waiter bringing up our lunch.

Patio dining.
Bathroom Art. I knocked on the stall door and asked " Hey Bruce, you in there?"

I had to do a double take while visiting the men's room.
and you might as well too! Kept looking for wall graffiti that said B.R. was here.

Window dressing
NYE BEACH main street.

NYE BEACH banners up and down main street.
Part 2 of CAFE MUNDO is a concert tonight at 8pm.

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