Thursday, July 14, 2011


Not in 16 years living in Hawaii did I see as many women in the line up as I have in Oregon. It took about a month here to realize it. Another month for it to sink in. The past couple weeks I decided to do a little photo essay. I should have a good amount of photographs by October. I discussed the topic with each of the surfers pictured in this blog. These gals are the best of people and I think the warm smiles portray their easy outlook on life. "Well yes.. there are alot of us in the water. I have a group of 6 or so girlfriends to paddle out with. I think growing up in Oregon gives us a little thicker skin."
This is a scene I've witnessed at least a dozen times. There's enough rubber here for a new set of tires. It's a fun pic to enlarge. All in motion each doing their ritual with a proud mama looking over with satisfaction.
They arrive in a variety of surf wagons.

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